Dennis Lenard

Folder design for retailers

This is a well-known and powerful non-profit organisation drew upon our services in order to design a folder. An important player in the Swiss market since 1968, they are the top employer of people with disabilities, offering training and residential places.

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Upsell flyer design

Our Client

The Nr. 1 clinic devoted to babies located on the historical Harley Street, BABYSCAN CLINIC hired us to create their new flyer design. BABYSCAN CLINIC offers innovative and ultrasound services for new parents and their babies.

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Namebadge design examples

You walk around the office and you spot the new employee. You want to tell him something, but you can’t remember his name. Your brain cringes trying to figure it out John… or was it Jack? Jonathan! No, too long… Johanna! But he’s a male! You can see how his eyes turn sad. You pass by him and boom! Your fame as the arrogant, up-tight boss unleashes.

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Campaign flyer design

Client’s Profile

Our client is a non-profit organization with a strong and current message; they fight for freedom and respect towards individuals‘ privacy in the virtual world.

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A photographer’s business card design

Our client

We had the opportunity to create a business card for a German photographer. When it comes to the creative science of photography, the business card is an invitation to the world of the artist.

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Logo Design for office website

We have created quite a lot of logo designs, for beauty salons, recruitment companies, and even a dentist. However, we also have requests from websites to help them develop an outstanding visual identity.

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Logo Design for insurance website

We have collaborated multiple times with websites that needed a logo design. We created visual identities for the 451 Unavailable or online shop websites. Thus, we know our clients need an authentic logo, that people can easily recall out of thousands of other logos from the internet.

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Logo Design for Car Parts Company

This time, Prompter, a car parts manufacturer contacted us to help them with their branding process. The brand has been selling their products for many years now, but was facing a drop in sales. There was competition from Chinese manufacturers. Even though they offered low quality products, but they had attractive prices and appealing packaging.

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Logo Design for Youth Organization

EAC is a non-governmental organization that focuses on the personal development of the teenagers. They coordinate workshops on various themes, like time management, finding the right career or creativity. In order for them to get noticed by a lot of people, the organization asked us to create a fitting logo design.

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Logo design for software company – case study

Japan. Having this Asian country as a theme for the logo design offers many opportunities to be creative. Our new client, a software company chose the theme for the design of a logo.

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