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26 practical tips on business naming – The Ultimate List

Congratulations on your business idea and welcome to the frustrating moment of business naming. While we do not offer naming services, we have named a few businesses in our lives and we know just how difficult it can be.

The present line of work already took most great business names, not to mention the domains and to make it even worse: there is no clear methodology on how to do it. Unfortunately, the internet does not offer many practical tips on how to name your business.

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Creative ideas to promote your ebook

Promoting an ebook by yourself can be a difficult task. Trying to gain recognition is seen as the main goal and having a good plan is challenging for sure. The most common questions entrepreneurs and independent authors have are related to marketing, promoting and selling their ebooks. Consider these practical and creative ideas for planning your ebook promotion campaign.

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Business card design: Keep It Simple and Great

Every entrepreneur understands the importance of a good business card, one that clients will look forward to keep and use when in need. For that, it has to have an eye-catching design. However, it needs to be simple enough that it doesn’t overwhelm its reader. So, where do you find these brilliant business card designs? You don’t. You create them from scratch so that every aspect of it reflects your unique brand. Here are the most important factors we discuss with our clients when designing a business card.

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Online Marketing in the UK Restaurant Business [Infographic]

Here are some key data you need to know to promote your restaurant in the UK:

People will search your restaurant on mobile device, a trend growing so steep that you just can’t afford not to have a mobile-friendly website anymore. Restaurant talk is spreading on Twitter and Instagram is fed with billions of food photos. Hint: get talking on social media.

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Restaurant Industry Trends in the UK [Infographic]

The restaurant industry in the UK is one of the most competitive, yet individual spend and restaurant have increased in 2013.

About 2 in 5 UK adults eat out at least once a week and a rising trend for out-of-home breakfast presents new opportunities for restaurants and bistros.

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Top 10 Google+ Communities for UK startups [Infographic]

Is your new venture on Google Plus? Check out the most active communities where entrepreneurs and small business owners from the UK share advice and resources. The most active are not necessarily the ones with the biggest members count. An active community is one where members engage in discussion. These are the ones you’ll want to join.

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What you should know about the new Twitter profile design

This week, Twitter has released the new design for the profile pages for all users. The new features include a full-width header image, the ability to pin tweets at the top of the page and a much more user-friendly interface for showing Photos and Videos, Followers and Following tabs. Many have criticized the new look because it resembles Facebook profiles. We think it actually looks much better than the Facebook profile. Because we offer Twitter design services, it’s our job to look at everything that changed. Here’s what we found:

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Best Twitter campaigns for Saint Patrick’s Day

Looking for the best examples of St Patrick’s marketing campaigns? Learn from this week’s 10 most engaging tweets. Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day by converting users into customers: promote your offer on Twitter and Facebook and engage with your audience.

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A Thorough Guide to Business Cards

The potential of a well-designed business card is underestimated. Business cards form first impressions and can set the basis for successful business relationships. All design aspects are important for a good impression of a business card: text, font, colours and logo, as well as the card’s shape, size and paper stock. Here, we share our most useful tips and examples to help you create an awesome business card. 

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Changing your logo design: what you need to know

The greatest logos in the world were either revamped from older logos or completely changed. Whether your old logo was designed unprofessionally or doesn’t fit with your business’ brand identity anymore, a logo redesign opens up new opportunities for a more flexible design, upgraded to the latest trends.

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